With trust in passionate people

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From lust comes excellent results, so we nurture a people-first mentality to give every person the proper prerequisites to perform what they know best, at their best.

Healthy team, happy clients

Our people-first mentality is nothing we take lightly; it permeates everything we do, from how we see our employees' various needs to how we speak with clients.

Quality of work

We’re sharp minds with the need to grow; hence we welcome your most challenging project. You’ll notice we enjoy working closely with you since it’s optimal for high-quality work.

Community drives splendor

Honesty, respect, and being supportive of each other are the pillars of our culture. We deliberately put a lot of effort into our team so that we can place a lot of energy into work.

The Rise of Deploy

Our experiences have given us deep knowledge of what tech talent is; thus, we take pride in being reliant partners in growth and business development. As of today, our consultants work on-site in our vast network of worldwide clients. Deploy’s inception trails back to 2017, when we became a subsidiary company to the mother company. Back then, we worked in-house, creating everything from AI chatbots to graphical design for clients such as H&M, Toyota, and Jobylon. As great as that was, we sought more significant challenges, pivoted, and became a purebred consultancy firm focusing solely on on-site projects. The reward has been a thousandfold, firstly because our consultants have found that they develop much faster thanks to being able to take ownership of projects, and secondly, because they get to do what they love to do for a variety of clients, which has led to exponential professional growth.

We’re now nurturing this steady foundation of talented people by incorporating even more talent into our community, so that we, in return, can provide companies with nothing less than brilliant minds.


At the time, we had a dream factory in-house and created, amongst else, websites, AI chatbots, and graphic design


By becoming the trusted partner of an exciting client, we went from in-house to fully on-site


Our consultancy operation had by then become a valuable asset for our clients, and we found strong synergies in the gaming industry